Saturday, July 23, 2005

A Brand Oasis in a Sea of "Too Much Info"

I spent the last 2 days in Peter Montoya's Brand University. Wow. I've seen Peter speak many times a matter of fact he helped me celebrate my birthday back in May (see May posts for Small Biz Marketing Summit.)

I attended the event as part of my ongoing quest to find the best education and training for my clients and small biz networks. I have completed the process with a new branding statement that truly captures the essence of my programs. I'm not going to tell yet though.....but soon!

People often ask me how I skyrocketed my success so quickly. Attending events like this one has definitely helped. I invest over $10k per year in my continuing education. The knowledge is just one part of the ROI. The other part is I always leave with clients and cross-marketing partnerships. So I probably quadruple my revenue every year just from investing in education and training.

Because I believe that 90% of success is determined by your mindset, I'd like to share a golden nugget from Peter. Most people limit their success by saying:

"What the least amount of money I can spend to stay above water."

The million-dollar question really is:

"What's the most I'm willing to invest to ensure I'll achieve my goals."

Do you get the difference with the second question? One is positioning your mind for a successful outcome, the other is positioned for struggle. Start asking yourself the million-dollar investment question and I know you will tap into all kinds of new possibilities.

What are you willing to invest? Share it here...


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