Thursday, August 11, 2005

I am so excited to share with you a colleague and fri’end, the Women’s Empowerment Queen, Ponn Sabra, and her Women’s Empowerment Outreach Campaign.

Together with over 50 of her power network experts (and now mine), we are offering an incredible Women’s Empowerment Tool Kit ~ Everything You Need for Your Professional and Personal Empowerment ~ From Start-Up to Success! Bonus Gift-Box, valued at $3526.18

I get approached quite regularly to help promote people's programs and this is one that really touched my heart. Having personally experienced many physical challenges when I was out of my own personal power, I truly belive in this kit.

I assure you Ponn’s power network principles work because she reached out to me and today I’m choosing to partner with her for this 24-hour Women’s Empowerment Celebration to promote her “Empowering Women to Power Network” at

One truly impressive (actually—pretty am-azing) thing is Ponn had no prior relationship with any of the professionals who reviewed and endorsed her book (testimonials below). Ponn is an extraordinary woman who survived and thrived after a horrible car accident that empowered her to write this book in three days while in bed. Now she’s living with an extremely rare brain disorder and her Sabra Spunk (as she refers to it) is electrifying and downright empowering. For the next 24 hours you can benefit from her unique business and personal insights and ca-sh i’n o’n all of her hours of research to find the best experts in each field imaginable for your business and personal growth. From copywriting to ebooks, podcasting to business blogging. . . then mind-bo’dy healing to fashion, and parenting to wealth building, Ponn did not miss a beat! Ponn shares that one aspect of “power” comes when your network-relationships resulting in a win-win-WIN situation. Win #1: I’m gaining from this cross-promotional op- portunity designed to reach 100,0000s of women (and men), Win #2: Ponn gains from sharing her empowering message while striving to make the best-seller’s li’st, and Win #3: YOU (my family, fri’end, and client) gain from all OUR expertise . . . for less than $19.95! Stop, right now, and c’lick on http://www.EmpoweringWomenBooks.c om/PowerNetwork.htm to claim your mega-dose of empowerment today!


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